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When the current commercial lender says to leave the bank, 1st Star Alacer LLC provides the path to a safe exit.  The task of finding alternative funding options is a challenge for companies who fall out of the traditional credit box. 


1st Star Alacer will be happy to arrange an Industrial Equipment loan and lease options allowing time for restructure or sale.

Equipment Financing

1st Star transitional lending products help those companies in need of financing to span any need including while in growth or distressed mode:

Collateral: Industrial Machinery and Equipment. 

Speed: Typically funds in 6 to 8 weeks.

Uses: Working capital, refinance existing bank, share purchase and equipment acquisition.

1st Star utilizes our Appraisal Staff who has extensive experience in evaluation of collateral for these types of transactions.  1st Star provides the requisite time for our Client’s to execute strategic alternatives such as acquire assets, sell the company or right size the ship to move back to more traditional lending Institutions.

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